Burency Blockchain R&D Centre

An international accelerator that helps enterprises and startups harness the power of blockchain to solve immediate challenges and also future-proof their businesses.

Did you know?

Blockchain can’t be hacked or maliciously tampered with, making it a very powerful way of recording transactions, managing documents and verifying identities. Blockchain is safe, secure, and leaves a trail that can be easily audited.

Using smart contracts for business needs

Combining blockchain with smart contracts opens up a world of business possibilities. Smart contracts record a list of transactions that need to be conducted by multiple parties before the contract is deemed completed. They ensure ensures that all parties fulfil their obligations, increasing trust and reducing enforcement costs. So, for example, a smart contract will not release payment until it has been informed that paid-for goods have been received.

We help businesses harness blockchain technology for:

-Supply chain management
-Document management
-Geographically distributed transactions
-Multi-party transactions where trust is crucial
-Data sharing with privacy and access controls
-Financial transactions and raising debt