Burency Mining & Data Centre

Your streamlined platform for cryptocurrency generation using timeshare slots in our mining facilities – purchased using our BUY ERC-20 tokens.

Why we’re different

We’ve created our facilities to address the key challenges of expense, energy use and heat control in mining. Our facilities are based in cold climates, reducing cooling needs. They rely on renewable hydroelectric power to drive down energy costs. We understand the possible environmental impacts of mining and are anxious to mitigate them to make cryptocurrency generation sustainable in the long term.

Did you know?

Apart from mining, the processing power you purchase with our BUY tokens can also be used for big data, AI, machine learning, crunching large data sets and other business applications.


-Lower costs through renewable energy
-Lower environmental footprint
-Ideal location
-Secure purchase mechanism through bargain bidding
-Easy purchase interface using BUY ERC-20 tokens
-Sustainable mining operations