Our BUY Tokens

A smart contract-based token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Our BUY token is a seamless way of conducting safe transactions, and paying for services such as processing time at our mining facilities.

A Secure Way of Transacting

Our BUY ERC-20 token relies on blockchain technology with smart contracts. This means that funds are only released when the contract determines that both parties have met their obligations. For you, that means transaction fulfillment every time. Our BUY tokens are also the easiest and safest way of carrying out currency transactions on our exchange.

Invest in BUY Tokens

Your BUY tokens aren’t just a convenient way of trading and paying for Burency services. They are also a tradeable commodity that will appreciate. You can buy and hold BUY tokens, and offer them back to the market when their value goes up. As Burency expands and the cryptocurrency ecosystem evolves, our BUY tokens will be worth more.


-Secure smart contract technology
-100% transaction fulfilment and trust
-One token to access all Burency services and trade in cryptocurrencies
-BUY tokens appreciate in value due to their connection with Burency’S three projects; crypto exchange, mining facilities, and blockchain R&D