About us

Founded by a collective of entrepreneurs passionate about the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Burency is a platformed designed to address crucial challenges standing in the way of widespread cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption.

The firm, headquartered in the Middle East, is in the process of being formally licensed in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi – the region’s financial hubs offering cryptocurrency regulation.

Burency is creating an ecosystem of solutions that fit together seamlessly to advance the cause of credibility, transparency, convenience and security. Burency offers a fully-insured crypto exchange covered by Lloyd’s of London, based on the NEBBEX insurance security protocol. It is also addressing the cause of sustainable low-cost mining for cryptocurrency generation, and has created an R&D centre to help businesses adopt blockchain to solve business problems.

Burency is a regulated financial platform with excellent governance and compliance structures. The ecosystem is audited by Deloitte, and has the financial backing and regional marketing plan for long-term sustainable growth.